about us

Our company

99 Technologies is a Swiss-based company which is committed at offering a complete and integrated approach to surfaces and medical devices disinfection by bringing on the market innovative and highly effective technologies both for Automated Room and Targeted Surfaces Disinfection.

The Company was born with the aim of coping with Healthcare Acquired Infections (HCAI) issue raising awareness on the need to continuously and efficiently perform disinfections processes in clinical settings to avoid useless losses.

COVID-19 pandemic clearly brought to light the need for this kind of prevention in public fields too.

Our goal is providing the most advanced technologies to guarantee people’s safety in every environment where our products can be applied.

Our mission

Our philosophy is to strive is to go beyond the role of being just a reliable manufacturer of automated room and targeted surface disinfection devices by supplying our customers with systems characterised by elevated efficacy, efficiency, flexibility, short treatment cycles, compliance with existing standards, ease of use, portability and cost effectiveness.

We support our customers in identifying the potential threats associated with contaminated surfaces and design with them the appropriate strategies to minimise the risk while maximising the return on investment.

Our vision

99Technologies mainly aims at fighting HCAI trying to raise awareness on the need for continuous infections prevention treatments. 

Most of these HCAI comes from defence mechanisms developed by serious pathogens that allow them to survive despite routine disinfection treatments performed in the healthcare settings.

99T’s systems are able to overcome this isse thanks to their unique and innovative formulations which guarantee effectiveness up against a wide spectrum of microorganisms, among which bacteria, viruses, fungi and spores, even the most resistant ones. 

COVID pandemic has taught us the need to focus on infections prevention even outside hospitals and clinics to stay safe also in public places. 99Technologies is supporting also the public field to come back to normality.

Our partnerships

Since the beginning of 2022, 99Technologies established a co-marketing partnership with PDI International.

With its extensive expertise as an infection prevention innovator, PDI is well positioned to help us further progress the growth and development of our ARD technologies and continue to fulfil 99 Technologies’ mission to provide hospitals and industries with leading-edge technologies for disinfection in the European, Middle East and North Africa markets.

Together with PDI we aim at offering a much broader integrated approach in terms of product portfolio to Healthcare Aquired Infections (HCAI).