Application areas

The efficacy, ease of use, and cost effectiveness of our disinfection technology make our products the ideal tools to accomplish the daily tasks of infection prevention.

The COVID-19 pandemic has raised awareness on the importance of disinfection processes also in public places and economic activities.

The domains of application of our devices are several. They range from healthcare facilities to production sites, transportation field and retails activities.

Everywhere there is a need to effectively control microbial load, there is a need for the 99T’s system.


Healthcare is the primary domain of application of our disinfection technology. In addition to environmental inanimate surfaces and fomites, our systems are particularly suited for the disinfection of non-invasive medical devices whose complex surfaces make their cleaning and pathogens’ eradication particularly challenging.

All hospitals department and medical specialties can benefit for the use of 99T’s systems, from surgery rooms to transplants units, from patients rooms to ambulances, from dialysis centers to oncology wards, from common areas to public restrooms.


Industrial facilities lose considerable financial assets in case of a pandemic outbreak or production sites contamination.

The 99T’s HDM guarantees a safe and effective disinfection process of working places in order to avoid to close down activities, saving an incredible amount of economical resources.

Accomodation, Retail and Recreation facilities

People’s greater mobility allows pathogens to travel as well. Public facilities are already facing requests for higher disinfection levels  from their customers.

Accomodation, retail and recreation facilities can add value to their services by offering thoroughly disinfected rooms or common areas.


The COVID-19 pandemic has hit particularly hard the public transportation sector.

Highly attended means of public transport and people’s mobility present an increasing risk factor for the spread of pathogens such as the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Thus the need to effectively and thoroughly disinfect the surfaces of the actual means of transportation (planes, trains, buses) and the communal areas such as hall or waiting rooms.

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Other application areas

COVID-19 pandemic has raised awareness on the need for infections prevention also outside the healthcare field. 99Technologies can help you to find the right solution for your business too.

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