99 Technologies

99 Technologies is a company which engineers and manufactures innovative and highly effective disinfection systems with the goal of significantly reducing the incidence and the effects of Health Care Acquired Infections. We aim at bringing innovation in disinfection processes through the introduction of truly applicable, pervasive, and affordable technology.

Years of intensive research have produced the advanced HyperDRYMist ® technology which supersedes the limitations of traditional and even the more advanced disinfection methods currently in use.


Our technology has been widely tested and has proved its effectiveness in hundreds of tests conducted in various healthcare facilities around the world.

The Advantages of HyperDRYMist® Technology

  • Our system features superior disinfecting efficacy against a wide spectrum of bacteria, spores, fungi, mycobacteria, and viruses. An effectiveness widely tested and certified to be used to combat all pathogens.

    Our novel disinfectant solution is transformed into a dry mist made up of millions of ultra fine particles which are truly dispersed everywhere even to the most hard to reach places.

    Surfaces of non-invasive medical devices are coated with absolute uniformity leaving no space for pathogens to escape the disinfection process.

  • Our system delivers high efficacy with lower doses of disinfectant solution. The time needed to disperse the disinfectant is therefore compressed, and treated devices can be reused faster.

    Our disinfection cycles require no post reconditioning of the the treated non-invasive medical devices making disinfection cycles shorter.

    Our system is easy to use and completely automated, and therefore immediately deployable.

  • Our disinfection cycles need less disinfectant formula allowing hospitals to benefit from sensible cost reductions.

    The combination of efficacy and speed dramatically lowers disinfection costs by also compressing the time before treated devices can be reused shortening down times.

    Executed after cleaning cycles, our fully automated system reduces the need to conduct intensive and thorough manual disinfection.

Showcases of our technology

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Our Corporate Responsibility

In our daily strive to reduce the burden of Health Care Acquired Infections we partner with non profit organizations active in helping financially challenged institutions. Learn how in the CSR dedicated section of our website.


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