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Our modulators transform the 99T’s disinfectant solutions into an ultrafine mist. A powerful turbine not only creates the mist but also generates the kinetic energy which allows an extremely pervasive distribution of the aerosolized solution.


Distinctive features

The combined use of Modulators Micro-Nebulizers and our Disinfectant Solution
creates our Automated Room Disinfection systems

Modulator Micro-Nebulizers

Our range of nebulizers

The 99MB Modulator Micro-Nebulizer

The Modulator Micro-Nebulizer 99MB is built to be a portable, reliable, and easy to use device.

The 99MB Waves-Shielder

At 99T we know that prevention via efficacious disinfection must be applied widely and persistently to be effective. So, we have made a deliberate effort make the use of our disinfection technology as widely adoptable as possible with the 99MB Waves-Shielder.

Surface’s morphology of Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) devices makes the disinfection process difficult and time consuming. Hence, the use of the highly pervasive disinfectant action of HDM® is highly warranted. MRI’s magnetic waves’ emission might interfere with the proper functioning of our machine’s electronics.

The 99MB Waves-Shielder’s electrical and electronic components are protected by a specifically conceived internal shielding.

The 99MB Waves-Shielder’s protection guarantees the correct functioning of the device even when placed in environments hosting MRIs. In this way, disinfection’s operators can rely on HDM® technology to overcome the challenge of reducing microbial load on MRI apparatuses.

The 99MB Waves-Shielder has the same technical features of the 99MB.

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