Fighting Healthcare Acquired Infections

Sheer technological progress is mostly meaningless if it does not bring tangible benefits to its adopters. 

The HyperDRYMist® technology represents a significant leap forward in the use of automated disinfection systems because it brings distinct advantages to those who use it.

Disinfection practitioners and specialists adopting the technology enjoy a number of benefits: 

  • our system has proven efficacy against bacteria, fungi, viruses,mycobacteria, and spores thus its can effectively address all the disinfection needs of healthcare facilities.
  • our system is highly effective already at low dosages against the levels of contamination typically found in healthcare facilities, therefore the implementation of disinfection cycles is less time consuming.  
  • less time dedicated to the process of disinfection optimizes the use of non-invasive medical devices in healthcare facilities. 
  • given the ability to compress execution time and use of disinfectant solution our system is economically convenient allowing healthcare facilities to reduce costs budgeted for disinfection while maintaining a high standard of prevention and containment of Health Care Associated Infections.
  • being cost effective, our system can be extensively deployed in healthcare facilities and become an effective and truly implementable tool in the fight against hospital infections.